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been a massive public to ensure that this entrenchwould firmly democracy and the rule of law. the commissioner and took a -- undertook a study to allow them to verify the new president. it is clear that the constitutional process of electing a new set of leaders to take as to the next level has been thwarted by another tainted election. this is not what kenyans in vision. this crisis is not just about the iadc. eighthsis is the very the king is a place in their institutions to respect the democratic rights and rule of law. it is democracy that is on trial. we would readily consider if they had considered deliver a reasonable election or even had addressed the serious concerns presented to the commission three days ago. we have no other vested interest. it was abolished that it was not possible to know who won the 207 election. we thought this would never happen again. it most regrettably has happened. , with a new, independent judiciary, most kenyans have faith will uphold the rule of law and will abide by its division. we will therefore should move to courts to challenge the
time, parliament's across europe, for example in spain, are voting in favor of such laws -- parliaments across europe. >> among the many faithful attending this catholic procession is jose antonio fernandez. he was a priest, but he sacrificed the status in order to marry. the church allowed him to continue working as a schoolteacher but later refused to renew his contract after a photo of him and his family appeared in the media. >> they exploited the situation to justify my dismissal. they said parents would be offended if they found out i was a married priest. that was a lie. the parents all knew me, after all. >> he always talked openly about phis situation to his pupils, bt renouncing his faith was never an issue. he was hoping for a positive move from the church, possibly from pope benedict xvi. he was aware, however, of the vatican's traditional reluctance to change. >> ideas that challenge the norm are considered an attack on the church and its teachings usually. this is not an attack. it is just about thinking differently. >> that way of thinking was harshly criticized by the po
that would touch every american, cuts to early childhood education, teachers aides would be cut, law enforcement and the military, and cuts to senior programs. there are cuts to a program that brings food to senior citizens in their homes. there is a waiting list of about 100 seniors who want to get these meals. these are the cuts that would, at some point, they could potentially affect a lot of people. >> given the impact, how are ordinary people reacting to the situation? >> they are upset and angry and frustrated. they have been hearing about the budget crisis for several weeks, and a lot of people did not think that this would actually happen. the economy has not been good in the u.s. and in this area people were hoping that the economy would improve, and they were hoping that these cuts would not go through and trickle down to the community and affect people. there is a lot of anger in the white house and in congress. >> are people hopeful but they will sort out some compromise? many people did not believe the u.s. would get to this point, did they? ablee didn't and they were to
in new york city. -- son-in-law due in court. north korea says they are cutting their hot line with the south and will be canceling the non-aggressive acts. they have impose new sanctions in response to a third nuclear bomb test. we have more from the capital of seal. -- seoul. >> exchanger verbal fire has become more intense. >> the broad was sparked when the u.n. security council unanimously passed the resolution of harsher sanctions on p'yongyang. visited the front line troops last time they exchanged a lot of fire when four south koreans had killed. they said to be prepared for evacuation. he said they would be ready for all-out war. the south korean government expressed regret when they cut a hot line between the two nations. they vowed action if they did anything to endanger south korean lives. there were several closed-door meetings. these threats are nothing new. they're facing an early test after just two weeks in office. >> some feel there's a wider office of these threats from north korea. >> they're trying to intimidate the international community across the board t
that they announced a few hours ago. we want to appeal to respect the rule of law and the constitution of which they are so proud. let the supreme court decide whether they will do this with a loved one. >> it has not gone down well in his hometown. they spoke out. batons were deployed in the western port city after protesters sthrew rocks and burned tires. anger in the odinga camp. >> as kenyatta stood at the center, thousands of supporters gathered to hear the final word. >> [indiscernible] >> they waited for him to arrive. they taunted the former chief prosecutor of the criminal courts. look at this they shouted. to them this was not just a vote for the man they believed the country needs. it was a referendum of the icc charges laid against him. >> most of the western countries if they have any opinion, they have to change it. it has been decided today. what kenyans see is what they have to respect. >> the mood was a lot more somber here. the expected to win the election in the first round appeared to have lost comprehensively amid all of the allegations of vote ringing brings disturbing ech
commissioner was severely injured and now he is in a stable condition. sectionementation of 144 of the law had been implemented. that means more than four people are now banned and the military in that one district alone are trying to classify the situation in there. but the situation there is very typical to cross the country. 10 kilometers outside of the capital, four dead here, one dead here. it we're slowly getting in more reports of individuals, women or children, coming through u.s. year. thisthere has been an over ove and turning it over on friday. the strike has been well observed. we have been driving around to see what is different with the schools mostly closed. >> that was our correspondent on the line there from dakkar on the situation in bangladesh, still very hostile. the military mobilized in malaysia after they found and killed five policemen. two gunmen also killed on sunday night and they're suspected of being linked to a group of armed intruders and that group has been holed up in the state for more 3 weeks now. they refused to surrender. 14 people were killed in a shootout
mysterious fact is that laws of nature generally exhibit some sort of invariance, a fact proved by emmy noether, perhaps the greatest woman mathematician of the 20th century. a prime example is the law of conservation of momentum that comes from the spatial invariance of the laws of motion. fundamentally, the world works via symmetry. the symmetries of nature, the patterns of the alhambra tilings, the manipulations of mathematical equations, or a deck of cards. whether we're talking about symmetry as a property or as a transformation, it creates the emotional responses we feel in the presence of beauty, whether it's art, math, or butterflies. captions by lns captioning portland, oregon
and that's going to squash the air up to half size. and that brings us up to boyle's law. boyle's law named after a dude by the name of robert j. law, okay, we're learning these things, all right? and boyle's law just says that pressure multiplied by volume at any one point will equal pressure times volume at another point. so get twice the pressure, you'll get twice the volume. you'll have half the volume. yeah, what i told twice the pressure will be half the volume. very good, lee, sometimes i goof a rooney a little bit, right gang, but does that make sense gang? so you get twice-- you get twice the pressure that's going to squash that stuff up. so the volume will be half as much, huh? what if you push--so you've got three times the pressure, then the volume will get squashed up to how much? a third. how about--i don't know if you can do this. let me try, seven times the pressure, okay, okay, now i shouldn't say seven, now let's say five times the pressure, a fifth right? how about nine times-- how about--all right, here is for the a students, 7.9 times the pressure... got you, got you, g
. there are a variety of reasons for that. one is poor law enforcement capacity. even if the government wants to, and we know that because of long years of dictatorship, when our military dictatorships and authoritarian regimes they enforce a certain element of consensus which appears to be a consensus. beneath that, expressions are being stilted. these military groups raise their ugly head. -- militant groups raise their ugly head. the pakistani shias being butchered in karachi. the hazara community was being targeted for the last 70 years. i think there is a lot of things which the government of pakistan has to be responsible to. why do you keep investing in submarines when your local law enforcement lacks the capacity of forensic sciences? >> egypt's former president will barack will a retrial on april 13. over the killing of hundreds of protesters during the uprising that deposed him two years ago. however, in january cairo's appeal court granted him a retrial. at least 253 people have been hurt in new protests in port said. the unrest was triggered by the decision to move 39 prisoners charged in a
officers and law in the crossfire have been returned to their families. 10 members of the royal salute army, as they have called themselves, were killed on friday after a three-week standoff on land the fighters say belongs to them. it is time for cambodia's sugarcane fund, but it comes at grab endith the land illegal evictions. we have this report now where say there's a sugar boom. >> the sugar cane is being cut for feet, and it is the first stage in what has become a multi-billion dollar industry in cambodia. the villages call it blood sugar because the industry has been built on land they claim was stolen from them. like this piece of land. two years ago, it was home to more than 100 families surviving by subsistence farming. they live a few kilometers away, and the villages work for the plantation. >> it is very difficult to live here. every villager faces the same challenge. i am angry with the company, but it is useless. we cannot do anything. we have no choice but to depend on the company. >> the sugar industry benefits from a european union program called everything but arms, where
by dogs. a new dog law could be brought in, and politicians want people to take part in shaping it. this is sabina. she says it's an emotional issue. she says that a dog really canning man's best friend. for some people they act as a replacement for a family or child. and for elderly people they're a social institution. she says that when dogs live with people, it's important that they feel accepted. but she also says that dogs can cause fear just by the way they look. corolla is here, too, and quickly realized that the people in the room aren't generally dog lovers. they want to make sure their pets have plenty of freedom. >> but i also want the feeling that my child has the freedom to run around, she says. the impression i get is that there is more love here for animals than for fellow human beings. of course, dogs don't have to be like their owners. even chinese cresteds is have be trained sometimes. sarah tells the trainer that rudy can be disobedient and she doesn't -- doesn't know what to do. miss chief maker thinks he's in charge. sarah is worried he's ignoring her, but the
a reputation for purity in speech and action as the high-footed laws provide. these laws which came to birth into clear air or heaven fathered by none other than olympus, no mortal of nature gave them birth. oblivion can never lay them to rest. god is great in them and he does not grow old. overbearing breeds the autocrat. overbearing, surfeited yet not satisfied with ill-gotten, unprofitable wealth. it climbs to the top of the citadel and plunges to an inescapable doom where their useless foot fails. but i pray that god will never relax an ambition that serves the state. i shall never fail to hold the god as our defender. [music] if for the works of his hands or the words of his mouth, any man who is haughty has no fear of justice, does not honor the god's shrines, if he will not seek his gains with justice or hold back from irreligious acts, if he rationally touches things taboo, mere evil destiny cease him for his ill-starred bride. in a state like that, what man can boast to shield his life from the gods' arrows? if such behavior is honored, why should i join the ritual dance? [music] no
executive pay. the law would allow shareholders to vote on compensation for executives. they would have to pass bonuses and large payouts. executives could be fined and would face jail if they broke the rules. many say they support any effort to stop rewarding executives for poor performance. >> i voted yes to the initiative. i think it is important to have a frame to control what happens and to wake up our politicians, realize that the company must be the shareholders and the decision should be theirs. >> i think we could have gone farther here dime in favor of the socialist proposal, offering a different option for the lowest and highest salary. this proposal is the minimum we can do. >> i think it's a form of blackmail to say if top managers are not better paid, they will go elsewhere. i think we need international agreement to stop that. >> malaysia and are confronting philippine fighters -- malaysian soldiers are confronting philippine fighters. are investigating whether an attack was linked to filipino fighters. traveled0 filipinos to the region to claim land they say is ancestral
law. glass pushes water. how hard? the same. just as hard as if it were--huh? let's try this. okay, one more time. see, the vase like that. this water is pushing down against the side, but the side is pushing back up against the water. how hard? just as if you had all the water right here. so it turns out it really does only depend on the depth. let's see what happens with something like this. narrower, narrower tube. [laughter] and there we have it, gang. and we see what? [laughter] exactly the same pressure. isn't that neat? isn't that neat? you like, huh? mmm. huh, huh? doesn't physics always work? [laughter] yeah. all right. you get the idea. hey, but, you know, this is kind of strange, that a little narrow tube like that can exert just as much pressure on the bottom as a wide one. how can we explain that, gang? let's look at the--this time we have a tube like this. okay? how can the pressure down at the bottom here be just the same as if it were all filled with water? it behaves the same, doesn't it? but there's no water here. it turns out that water pressure acts in all direc
principles, the rule of law, and respect for human rights." iran has declared a day of mourning in honor of the death of hugo chavez. the rena president ahmadinejad pays tribute, saying, "day venezuela lost its brakes, strong sun. i have no doubt that he will return. braveezuela has lost its son. " the lebanese foreign minister has asked for syria to be readmitted into the arab league at a meeting in cairo. but he was met with a quick response from the prime minister of qatar. >> let us bring back syria to the arab league, let's lift the ban on its participation in our region. we need communication with syria to save six. it is a necessity for a political solution. >> i would like to respond on syria and the resolution aimed at resolving the dispute peacefully and not to create a sea of blood. the one who has created the blood shed is a star saw. >> we're following this story from the lebanese capital beirut. it appears that divisions are appearing within the arab league as far as the serious crisis. syria prices. -- crisis. >> usually his remarks sparked a lot of controversy. people are
action, the coalition will abide by the law, we have to wait and see how people on the streets react to what he says. he wants the final tallying to stop. we know the results have been trickling in. we know that raila odinga is behind in the results. the reason it has been so slow, since monday night when the polls closed, the electronic system has failed. what is happening now is a manual system. people from around the country are coming to nairobi, giving their results on paper, and though result -- those results are being read out. that is why the results are so slow. --has the iebc responded t o to the complaints coming out? >> not publicly yet. i spoke to the chairman, isaac hassan, who told me that the allegations by the coalition court are completely untrue, that final tallying will continue. the only way that they can stop the final tallying and final results from coming out is if they take this to the court, which would be a long process. for everyone -- what everyone here is calling for is calm and patience from people. what people here really want is the final result. then
by dogs. a new dog law could be brought in, and politicians want people to take part in shaping it. .his is sabena she says it is an emotional issue. she says that a dog really can be man's best friend. for some people, that act as a replacement for a family or child. for elderly people, they are a social institution. she says when dogs live with people, it is important that they feel accepted. but she also says that stocks can cause fear just by the way they look. carolla schubert is here, too, and realizes that the people in the room are generally dog lovers. they want to ensure that their pets have plenty of freedom. "but i also want the feeling that my child has the freedom to run around," she says. "the impression i get here is that there's more love for animals than for fellow human beings." of course, dogs do not have to be like their owners. to behinese cresteds have trained sometimes. sarah tells the trainer that rudy can be disobedient and she does not know what to do. in smith thinks he is charge. cerro where is he is ignoring her, but the trainer can see because of the proble
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)